Saki Sakimori
Japanese Name さき さきもり
Romanized Name Sakimori Saki
English Name Saki Sakimori
Age 14
Birthday {{{Birthday}}}
Gender Female
Ocupation Student
First Appearance
Debut Episode 3
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Natsumi Takamori


A student with waist-length blond hair and green eyes. Her hair arcs up in two triangle shapes, giving the appearance that she has cat's ears.


Saki is an overall happy and kind person. However, she has moments where she can tease very harshly, and often pokes fun at Kyōya, calling him "gross". It is unknown if Saki returns Kyōya's romantic feelings.

Character RelationshipsEdit


Also look in the Saki image section.


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