• MeganeEarthmate

    Some Changes

    April 29, 2016 by MeganeEarthmate

    Hello all!! Meganekko, the admin here. I have done some minute changes to the layout - changing the background, the favicon, etc. I hope to change more, but until then, I'd love feedback on what y'all think!!

    Stay lovely~

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  • AmeliaTsumiki

    My Message

    June 14, 2013 by AmeliaTsumiki

    I will give anyone my best edit. If everything is not like my edits only please complain to me, i will fix my mistake.

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  • Rouward

    A weeks ago, I decide to visit some Anime Wikia such as this one when I get bored of editing in Gaming Wikia. So this is my first contribution in Anime Wiki because I'm not ready to take some actions to my fave anime wiki (it would spoils me a lot). However, it seems like I was a little bit too late because this wiki is no longer active unlike others which are still active. I haven't finish watching this anime, but I'll start to maintain this wiki starting next year. I might suggest my anime friends on Facebook to help contribute to any Anime Wikia since I'm the only one who often visit Wikia. Thanks! Nya!

    Rouward Acula

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  • Nekosimone


    September 3, 2012 by Nekosimone

    If anyone needs help or is having problems contact me

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