Bear Encounter ⇔ Lovelymas
Season 01, Episode 10
Air date June 7, 2012
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Dress Me Up! ⇔ The School Festival of Love and Romance
I Look Forward to You in the New Year ⇔ Rice Cake Game


Part A: Mayoi buys a bear costume for cheap and decides to put it to use by scaring as many people as she can. She manges to scare Hime and Sakaki easliy. However, Mayoi is unable to scare Tsumiki. After frightening Sakaki, he teams up with her to scare Ms. Kikue.

Part B: Mayoi is planning to have a party on Christmas Eve but has to put it off to Christmas Day as Hime and Io promised to work in Hatch Potch. After Mayoi manages to guilt trip Io and Hime, Io mentions that Miiko said she needed extra help around the store that day, so Tsumiki and Mayoi join in to help out by selling cakes outside. Io and Tsumiki then share a special moment where they drink chocolate milk together.


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